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Why Kayak Fishing is the New Trend

Photo: Me on the Kayak with a Smallmouth Bass out of Shawnigan Lake, BC

Kayak fishing has grown quite popular over the years. Once word got out, manufacturers started building sit-on top fishing kayaks with rod holders and tackle storage space eliminating the need to modify a touring kayak. But why are people choosing a kayak over a small pontoon or even an aluminum boat? The choice is simple. It’s an all-in-one package for those who aren't looking to bring an entire family on board every time they head onto the water. The excitement of having a large fish on the other end of the line, pulling the kayak from beneath you is a feeling that cannot be beat. It is also a fun and healthy way to stay active while enjoying the hobby you love. Instead of sitting in a camping chair by the shore, why not get in some cardio and catch some fish?

Keep the Distance With a Kayak

With the recent pandemic, kayak angling has helped with being able to go out with friends without actually being right next to them. You can easily kayak next to one another and maintain your 6 feet distance. This can definitely help reduce the pandemic blues and get you out of the house without harming yourself or others. Many kayak fishing clubs and groups have formed over the years. Joining these clubs or even tournaments is another great way to get out of the house and also meet new people that have similar interests.

There's Always Space for a Kayak

With unaffordable housing sweeping the nation, it is becoming a lot harder for everyone to afford larger homes. Having a kayak is perfect for those that live in small quarters or just don't have that double sized garage that we all dream of. For those lucky enough to afford the space, multiple kayaks is a definite possibility. A kayak can easily fit in a one-vehicle garage or even be tucked away in your home space as an added decor. Kayaks can also be locked and stowed away outside in the backyard with minimal damage to the hull.

You Can Stop Saving for That Boat

Purchasing a boat will put you out $15,000 CAD, easily. A good fishing kayak can be as low as $1300 CAD. You’re still going to be able to catch fish and probably have even more fun than you would have on a boat. Only a bit bias but the feeling of catching a fish on a kayak is priceless. Prove me wrong. One huge factor that switched me to a kayak would be time. Having a boat requires so much time and effort, on and off season. With a boat, maintenance doesn't end just because you're not fishing. With a kayak, you no longer have to worry about winterizing your watercraft or flushing your motors with freshwater after a trip to the ocean. I wash my kayak the same way I water my plants.

Photo: Exloring new waters at Vaseux Lake, BC

Fishing Without Borders

The pandemic (Covid-19) has drastically changed the concept of travel. It's not that easy to just cross the border right now, so why not just drive a few hours away from home? The kayak does not always require a trailer unless you are trying to haul a few at a time. All you need to get from A to B is a roof rack or it can even be as easy as throwing it in the back of a truck, at no extra cost, provided you have a truck.

Once things are back to normal and we can go back to catching bucket list fish all over the world, the kayak is still an option for those that live on countries that touch borders. Some of the fish we aim for are also not obtainable without paying a hourly or daily fee to a charter. Instead of spending all your money on charters and guides, you can travel coast to coast and stop to fish anywhere you desire with a kayak. The price of a kayak is the price of your freedom.

Fishability and Versatility

A kayak can can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. You can fish in shallow water, streams, and in tight spaces. I have had a few people give us the odd stare while launching, wondering if our sit-on top kayak can handle the big water. Little do they know, our fishing kayak is nearly unsinkable and has several self draining scuppers. This does not mean that fishing kayaks are invincible, you can still fall into the water and get yourself into trouble without the proper equipment and knowledge. Subscribe to our blog to stay tuned for our future post about how to stay safe on the waters.

Photo: Fishing with Howard from Natural West Coast Adventures on Sunshine Coast, BC

Mother Earth Will Thank You

Rotomold Kayaks last nearly a lifetime. One of our kayaks was adopted by us after 2 previous owners and is still in great shape. Kayaks also hold their value well which makes upgrading in the future possible and allows others the opportunity to buy used. Kayaks will usually come in either paddle power or pedal drive. This method of powering a watercraft can get you to your favorite spot on the water without emitting any fumes and gases. All you really require is two feet and a heartbeat.

These are all my reasons for why I choose to kayak fish. The reasons are endless but if nothing above convinces you, just know that simply paddling on the water is therapy in itself.

Photo: Enjoying the kayak at Shawnigan Lake, BC

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